Robotic End Of Arm Tooling

These components are also known as end effectors. They are the working area of your automation line and are powered by hydraulics, pneumatics, electricity, magnetic force, or vacuum.


End Of Arm Tooling (EOAT), also known as effectors are the attachments of the robotic arm. There are a wide variety from welders, drivers, grippers, ladles, riveter, sprayers, and more. Powered by electricity, hydraulics, pneumatics, magnetics and vacuum, these components are collectively known as the end of arm tooling, or EOAT. We specialize in an endless variety of tooling applications. From 2-finger grippers to grinders, drills, ladles, sprayers, and more. Our latest robots offer up to 7-Axis arms incorporating sensors for pressure, torque, temperature, volume to further expand the capability of programming a single machine to do multiple processes.


The most common industrial effector are mechanical grippers such as the crab-like 2 finger pneumatic gripper pictured and developed in-house for a client retooling project.


From lubricants and coolants to paint sprayers, we we design and implement turn-key systems that are more economical and eco-friendly than ever before. 


Our robotic tooling makes welding precise and safe. Depending on the the application we tool and program for every type arc, spot and laser welding.  


Sensors can be installed as EOAT or to complement your tooling choice. Some monitor the risk of human collision, while others measure temperature, volume, torque or force.



Each client need and project is unique and typically complex but always requiring precision engineering, reliable suppliers and efficient solutions. As an authorized partner with leading manufacturers we provide our clients the best solutions available.