Air and Water Casting Coolers

ASD die-casting coolers are in-house engineered, designed and manufactured to fulfill your casting needs or built to your provided design specs.

Casting Coolers (Air & Water)

 Our innovative team will design, engineer, fabricate, program, and install your automation system, cell or integrated ancillary component. As a turn-key solution provider we offer the ease of handling your system start to finish. Our in-house synergies reduce time, cost and errors. Under one roof, our design-build capabilities ensure tested and programmed systems ready to-run. Our full-service team can additionally install, program and test your system on-site.


  • Robust, reliability design and quality 
  • Quality test run and frequency measurement
  • Precise cast cooling
  • Effective cooling procedure
  • Reduction of casting faults
  • Automatic transport of the casts between shake-out and cleaning
  • Minimum maintenance required 


  • Casting temperature after the cooler 
  • Occupational safety
  • Gentle cooling process
  • Automatic link between shake-out and blasting
  • Increase in production
  • Automatic operating data acquisition


  • Vibrating conveyor with monitoring
  • Two-mass system
  • Drive shaft and V-belt drive systems
  • Frequency converter
  • Working springs
  • Insulating frame
  • Control cabinet
  • PLC control
  • Inflow air and outflow air nozzle
  • Fresh air ventilator
  • Water spraying